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The Teknometal company is oriented to the future, it focuses on precision and reliability of its production processes while respecting the environment.

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Our laboratory

Teknometal is a metal-working company and is equipped with all the tools needed to design and produce models and small series, both finished and unfinished, with the greatest precision.

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Our objectives

Teknometal has been producing a great variety of metal accessories for the fashion, leather goods and footwear sectors since 1995, always with great competence and know-how. Teknometal products are made of brass, white metal and aluminium. The primary goal of the company is to maintain the greatest flexibility. This, together with the excellent quality of the products, make Teknometal competitive, able to meet changing market demands in real time and to provide positive results to customers in their search for exclusivity.

Our strong points


Precision in the
production process


Professional growth
of our team


Respect for
the environment

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