Since 1995

Founded in 1995 in the heart of the florentine 's accessories district, Teknometal initially started as a sub-contractor for the development and production of zip fastener pullers and electrolytic galvanizing on racks, applied on brass zip fasteners for italian and foreigner high fashion maisons.


Accurancy in the
production process


Professional growth
of the workers


Respect for
the environment


Our research department focused over the years on the developments of the world of fashion; this led us to diversify our manufactures and to produce a wide range of objects in the world of fashion, clothing, leather goods and jewelry. We co-operate with important companies to create and produce their collections with the aim to provide them innovative, top quality and luxory products.

Changes in the market and particularly the growth and development of the whole sector led us to upgrade our company with the equipments and professional expertises in order to obtain finished products, from the prototype's design phase to its industrialisation.


In the last years we included highly qualified staff in our company; most of these artisans trained in workshops, where they learned the ancient technics of the florentine gold tradition.

Nowdays our main customers are well-known companies in the clothing, leather and design fields. Teknometal is future oriented and takes care of the accurate producing processes in respect of the environment.

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